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Dutch DJ/Producer MOHN (Menno Hornman) is trying to earn his place in the national and international Techno-scene! 
With his love and dedication for music he’s trying to create his very own style within ‘techno’. There’s only one straight goal: infiltrating the world of dance!

Being dedicated to dance music since the age of 12, MOHN is now constantly focusing on quality sounds and musical innovation, as long as it creates impact on his listeners. With an increasing interest of various highly respected labels, it won’t take too long before the techno-loving crowd will finally meet the MOHN -sound.

MOHN is also one of the winners of Mauro Picotto’s Alchemy producer-contest 2011 & 2012. Support by artists like; Mauro Picotto, Erick Morillo, Ricardo Ferri, John 00 Flemming, Nima Khak, Gemma Furbank, Paul Hazendonk, Daniel Mehes and more.




Tonight (Original Mix)  -  Alchemy (IT)  -  ALCDG043

Contradiction (Original Mix)  -  Moments Music  -  MM006

Amsterdam at Night (Original Mix)  -  Leap4rog Music  -  4ROG053

Frankfurt at Night (Original Mix)  -  Leap4rog Music  -  4ROG053

Glasgow at Night (Original Mix)  -  Leap4rog Music  -  4ROG053

Borderline (Original Mix)  -  Leap4rog Music  -  4ROGS02

Sonar (Original Mix)  -  GrooveSignal Records  -  BLV314237

Voodoo (Original Mix) -  GrooveSignal Records  -  BLV314237

Mayhem (Original Mix)  -  Stolen Moments  -  STM042

M.O.H.N. (Original Mix)  -  Clubstream  -  413195

Triebwerk (Original Mix)  -  Alchemy (IT)  -  ALCDG023