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Jay Matts

Jason Hering, a.k.a. Jay Matts, was born in 1981 and raised on the island of Curacao. At the age of 10, Jason and his family moved to the Netherlands where, besides just the Caribbean sounds, he came in touch with different music … Continue reading

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Rick Weiss

Born in the summer of 1988, Rick Weiss starts to raise his passion for music at the earliest years of his life, when his parents educated him to listen to music for his own pleasure. Beside that, his father earned … Continue reading

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Joe Wilkens

Joe Wilkens is a DJ from Utrecht, Netherlands. Raised in a musical family, music naturally became an intrinsic part of Joe’s life from an early age. Electronic music first caught his attention in the mid- 90ʼs. This love for Electronic music … Continue reading

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Namesso D

Born and raised in Oss, Namesso D a.k.a. Dennis Osseman literally grew up with music. With his family and friends being a constant factor of musical input, Dennis decided to start with DJing. When Dennis takes control of the decks … Continue reading

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Dutch DJ/Producer MOHN (Menno Hornman) is trying to earn his place in the national and international Techno-scene! 
With his love and dedication for music he’s trying to create his very own style within ‘techno’. There’s only one straight goal: infiltrating … Continue reading

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Behoorlijk, better know as Glenn van der Steen, got intrigued by the deep techno sounds at the age of 12. Not much later he started with DJing at birthday and graduation parties of friends. “You know..That time when I played … Continue reading

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Almost a quarter of a century ago Recs (est. 1988) made his first contact with music by recording cassette tapes from the radio. He started making his own compilated cds and purchased his first dj set in 2002: 2x Denon … Continue reading

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Upcoming DJ and producer Æcium has a huge passion for electronic music. His ambition to become a recognized producer, made him apply for a bachelor program at the Rockacademy. During his procedure at the Rockacademy, Æcium got in touch with … Continue reading