L8 is an Oss-based non-profit party organization founded by five friends in 2008, which strives to support and promote the visions of the house culture and scene.

The birth of L8 started in 2008, When a group of friends organized an illegal warehouse rave in their home city of Oss. The rave got out of hand, but caused a revival of the house scene in and around the city of Oss.

A few years after their warehouse rave, L8 has created a intimate program which consists of club nights, stage hosting at festivals and their best know illegal raves.

Besides organizing party’s and raves, L8 has become a caring home for DJ’s and producers as Joe Wilkens, Rick Weiss, Namesso D, Jay Matts, Mohn, Aecium and Behoorlijk. L8 supports upcoming artist in electronic music and nightlife. Their aim is to help and provide an environment, in which the artist can grow creatively and professionally.



E: info[at]l8music.com

F: www.facebook.com/l8music